Monday, January 16, 2017

New Year, New Start! Free Printable Blog Planning Worksheets

Happy New Year! We're back!  Our holiday blogging break has been great, and now we're refreshed and ready for a whole new year of creative fun.  To kick off the New Year, we have a updated set of planning freebies for all of you fellow bloggers (and general organisation fans), which you can mix-and-match  together as well as with last year's coordinating freebies if and as your please.

Our freebie blog printable PDF pack is filled with handy worksheets to help you pre-plan your blog and focus in on your goals for 2017 and beyond.  While some of the worksheets are blog-specific, we've also included some generic yearly, monthly, weekly, and general use worksheets so you can use them for just about anything you wish.  The planning printables include many of the worksheets shared in our 2016 set, but we've added a few extras based upon what works for us as well as your feedback and requests (thanks!).  If you aren't into detailed planning, you can try one of the one-page worksheets or perhaps head to your local shop and grab a little 2017 pocket planner in the January sales for jotting ideas and scheduling.

The printables are free for your personal use as a little present from us to you.  It's absolutely not required, but it would be awesome and greatly appreciated if you followed Creativity Unmasked via Bloglovin' and/or social media, if you're not already following the fun.  We welcome social media shares and linking with love, but please link to this post, not the download direct. Thanks! :) Note: These printables have been uploaded for sharing via Dropbox as a consolidated PDF file (one file per set). Simply click the link above to view and download. They are A4 (our local paper default), so simply fit to page if you are using a different size such as standard letter.  Only print what you want to use and remember to recycle when you're finished. Enjoy!


Each PDF set includes:
  • Cover/Title Sheet
  • Year at a Glance Worksheet (Two Formats)
  • Monthly Blog Planner Worksheet (Two Formats)
  • Weekly Blog Planner Worksheet
  • Weekly Planning Worksheet
  • Guest Post Planner for Your Invited Guests
  • Guest Post Planner for Your Guest Posts
  • Giveaway Planner
  • Special Post Planner
  • Brainstorming Worksheet
  • Blog Goals and Objectives Worksheet 
  • Social Media Strategy and Goals Worksheet
  • Notes Worksheet

Looking for more blogging resources and ideas?  In addition to Google's free Blogger platform, here are some of the many fab blogging resources we are currently using to bring you cool content (in alphabetical order just for fairness!):
  • Adobe CC This is my go-to for photo editing, graphics, and design. It requires a paid subscription, so if it is more than you need, start with something free and move up when/if you are ready.
  • dafont In addition to Adobe Typekit, this is my go-to site for fonts and dingbats. There are other sites, but this has a comprehensive library and I love that you can filter the categories (dropdown "more options") and preview customised text.
  • Dropbox An awesome resource for file sharing.  Note: This is a referral link, but only for extra storage space for both of us if you create a new account. Changes are in the works for Dropbox over the next few months, but hopefully they still remain a useful tool into the future.
  • Pixabay This is a free resource for stock graphics and photos. 
  • Rafflecopter This is a free resource for giveaways and sweepstakes. A paid version is also available with greater functionality.   

What's changed significantly from last year's resources?
  • Picasa This was a free and easy to use editing program.  Although I use Adobe Photoshop (see Adobe CC above) for the majority of my editing, Picasa was (and still is) my favorite tool for creating for quick colleges. Unfortunately, Google no longer offers Picasa, but I'm hanging onto my copy and still using it for collages as long as I can or until there's something better.
  • Picasa Web Albums This was the default image storage tool for Blogger, but I also used it for storing any image files needed to create buttons, etc where I need to link to a image source. Google phased this out at the same time as Picasa. Unfortunately, new direct upload images don't work for the linked image sources used in making buttons and least for now. There are lots of unhappy folks about that change, but hopefully something equally functional will evolve out of it eventually.  For now, I'm experimenting with other options, but have yet to fall in love. 
Already using something else instead of these old/unavailable tools?  I'd really love to heard your suggestions!

Other blogging resource sites that you might like to explore:

Are you making any blogging or crafting resolutions for 2017?  Share them in the comments - we'd love to hear from you!  If you'd like, you are also welcome to leave your blog/site address so that we can all visit and watch you grow! :)  If you want to include a live link in a blogger comment, it is simple - just use the following format as a guide: <a href="">text you want shown for your link</a> You can also reach us on social media, and its a-ok to share your personal creative or crafty link on our Facebook page.  We look forward to visiting! 

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